The Joys of Online Blackmail

I guess that I have somehow become the target of online blackmail for 0.3 of a bitcoin, however much that may be, as I have recieved the following:

Name: CraigGuemy
 Comment: Hey. Soon your hosting account and your domain will be blocked forever, and you will receive tens of thousands of negative feedback from angry people. 
 Here is a list of what you get if you don’t follow my requirements: 
 abuse spamhouse for aggressive web spam 
 tens of thousands of negative reviews about you and your website from angry people for aggressive web and email spam 
 lifetime blocking of your hosting account for aggressive web and email spam 
 lifetime blocking of your domain for aggressive web and email spam 
 Thousands of angry complaints from angry people will come to your mail and messengers for sending you a lot of spam 
 complete destruction of your reputation and loss of clients forever 
 for a full recovery from the damage you need tens of thousands of dollars  
 Do you want this? 
 If you do not want the above problems, then before June 1, 2019, you need to send me 0.3 BTC to my Bitcoin wallet: XXX 
 How do I do all this to get this result: 
 I will send 30 messages to 13 000 000 sites with contact forms with offensive messages with the address of your site, that is, in this situation, you and the spammer and insult people. And everyone will not care that it is not you. 
 I’ll send 300 messages to 9,000,000 email addresses and very intrusive advertisements for making money and offer a free iPhone with your website address and your contact details. And then send out abusive messages with the address of your site. 
 I will do aggressive spam on blogs, forums and other sites (in my database there are 35 978 370 sites and 315900 sites from which you will definitely get a huge amount of abuse) of your site After such spam, the spamhouse will turn its attention 
 on you and after several abuses your host will be forced to block your account for life. Your domain registrar will also block your domain permanently.  
 My bitcoin wallet:XXX 
 I have a lot of experience. Here are just getting blocking and angry letters my sites that I tried to promote, now it's time to earn on the skill of blocking sites)) 
 If before June 1, 2019 you do not send 0.3 BTC, I will start a massive aggressive spam of your site for tens of millions of other sites and email addresses and your site will be definitely blocked and will receive a lot of negative reviews. 
 Transfer 0.3 BTC to my wallet and sleep peacefully without worrying about your site. 
 My bitcoin wallet:XXX

I find it hilarious that someone would go to these lengths, and realise that this is probably more of a trawling exercise than anything else, but it does raise a little concern! Ah well, do your worst I guess. At the very least I put this blog up more as an enthusiastic nerd more than making a living. I can imagine that if I were more of the “independent contractor” type, I would be more alarmed.

Rest asured, there will be no payment, and if this douchebag decides to carry out his threat, then, well done, I guess… slow clap… slow clap… slow clap…

One comment

  1. If he uses the same language in his abuse emails as he has in this message, I think you’ll be ok. 0.3 bc is worth about £1,834. We’re in the wrong business 😉


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